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Cavadors are an affectionate and ambitious cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Labrador.

The Cavalier is an incredibly loving and affectionate dog, originally bred as pets from a line of hunting dogs. They’re incredibly sweet and affectionate and are well known for their puppy-dog eyes. They stand at about 30cm tall and they weigh 6-8kgs.

Labradors are good-natured, loving and hard-working. They’re considered a large dog, standing at 60cm tall and weighing over 30kg. They’re a trainable and high-energy dog. They come in a range of colours including chocolate, gold and black.


Cavadors are considered to be friendly, loving, and playful. Like Labradors, they’re intelligent and eager-to-please. This makes them very responsive to training.  Cavadors are outgoing dogs that thrive in new environments and experiences. Cavadors are generally more laid-back and cuddly than Spanadors although they still love a good walk and play. 

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Cavadors will happily make their home in most households because they’re so easy-going, and motivated by love and attention. They make great family pets and are happy to be involved in any family activities. Like any dog they need walks and exercise, and due to their larger size they prefer a home with a backyard. However, provided they get the necessary exercise and attention, they should be happy.


Cavadors have a straight coat and will shed. They come in a range of colours similar to that of a Labrador, including golden, chocolate and black.


Cavadors are a medium size dog, approximately 40-50cm in height the shoulder and they weigh 15 - 25kg.

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