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A Cockalier is a friendly, gentle and intelligent dog that is a crossbreed between a Cocker Spaniel and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The cocker spaniel is an affectionate, intelligent and loyal breed, originally established in the UK. They make a clever and happy-go-lucky addition to their households. They’re considered to be a medium size dog; standing at an average 38cm and weighing around 13kgs. Coat colour in a cocker spaniel can range from black to gold with other variations of roan and chocolate.

The Cavalier is an incredibly loving and affectionate dog, originally bred as pets from a line of hunting dogs. They’re incredibly sweet and affectionate and are well known for their puppy-dog eyes. They stand at about 30cm tall and they weigh 6-8kgs.

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Cockaliers are devoted and engaging members of their home and have a very strong desire to please. They are loving members of the all aspects of family life.


Cockaliers are very good family dogs, they relate well to children and other pets. They are intelligent and easy to train. They respond well to kind instruction and lots of praise and pats and are found to be very easy to housetrain. They are loyal and devoted and are not aggressive at all. They love to play, go on walks but retain the instincts to follow a scent as they are a spaniel. They require regular exercise.

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Coat colours of the Cockalier can vary, we’ve had litters that are red, golden, chocolate or black, with accents of white on any of these coats. The coat is medium in length with a very soft feel.


The size and weight of a Cockalier obviously vary between dogs however, in general, they are a small-medium sized dog. As they are a cross breed the range of size and weight can vary.

They will stand approximately 30cm to 38cm in height at the shoulder and weigh 5-12kg as adults.

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