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Our main goal is to breed healthy pups with the qualities of the parents so highly sought after, but minus the genetic issues that can be passed on by purebred lines.    

Pure Bred dogs are more likely to pass on genetic inherited conditions.  And although by doing the cross we are significantly reducing this chance, we also like to ensure that we are breeding from healthy parents without these issues.

We appreciate that without our gorgeous purebred mums and dads, we wouldn't be able to breed our 'designer' dogs.  Here is a lighthearted explanation which helps explain why health issues can arise with Purebred dogs.

We strive to protect the genetic problems that can be passed on through dog breeds, by DNA testing all our dogs. It is very important that breeders understand how dogs who maybe carriers, or positive to genetic diseases are correctly matched to dogs who are a suitable pairing. Many pure breed dogs have been bred for appearance, rather than their health, and this has taken a toll on the popularity of these breeds. By selectively cross breeding first generation dogs, genetic and inherited problems are significantly reduced.

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