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Tanya has always had a keen interest in dogs, having bred litters at home as a hobby.  She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that the health and wellbeing of our dogs is always the number one priority.  

Tanya enjoys breeding dogs that suit the majority of the modern-day homes and thoroughly enjoys seeing the puppies go off to their new environment.   

Keith is husband to Tanya and is the backbone of the day to day general care of the dogs, puppies and their environment.  A handyman and one who takes pride in what he does, along with Tanya and Sam he ensures clean, tidy and exceptional living conditions for our dogs.  Keith likes to be busy and enjoys the satisfaction of having a home he is proud of - evident to all that simply enter our driveway.  


Sam is Keith and Tanya's son and has grown up around animals his whole life. He assists in the day to day running of the facility including feeding and cleaning. Sam thoroughly enjoys being outdoors and spending time with the dogs.  Sam is particularly intuitive with the dogs and has a very caring and gentle nature.  He has always appreciated the unconditional love that dogs show and gives it back in return.


Georgia and Lincoln play a very special role in handling and socialising the young pups, as well as spending time playing with the adults.  Georgia enjoys exercising the adults as well as taking photos for our social media pages.  

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Bonny is the first point of contact for all client enquiries and she believes communication is so important when making the exciting decision to purchase a new puppy. 

Bonny captures puppy cuteness with photos and videos of our puppies, creating our social pages and helping each family through the fun journey of welcoming a new puppy into their lives. 

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