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A lot goes on behind the scenes before it comes to the day when you take your new fur baby home.  

Once our breeding mums are approximately 14 months of age before we breed with them and the stud boys must be 12 months of age and mature before they can reproduce.  

Our first priority is the health and wellbeing of our dogs and puppies.  

Our Stud dogs have an annual vet check and vaccination, and are regularly groomed and checked over.  

Our Mother dogs are annually vet checked and vaccinated, and have regular vet visits between.  These visits include a "pre whelp vet check" where the mother is vet checked to ensure she is fit to be mated.  She then has a comprehensive vet check when her pups are 6 weeks of age.  Our mums are all regularly groomed and we do an extra 'tidy up' just before and after birth.  

Our puppies undergo the below Vet examination at 6 weeks of age, as well as being vaccinated, microchipped, and regularly wormed.

  • Body condition score

  • Check eyes and ears

  • Check mouth

  • Listen to heart and lungs

  • Palpate abdomen

  • Check all limbs and joints

  • Check for testes in males

  • Look for hernias and other congenital anomalies

Covid 19 puppy pick up protocols.PNG
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