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The poodle is a remarkably intelligent and curly-coated breed. Originally established in Germany for water retrieval. Their curly coat grows long and shaggy when unkempt because of its very low-shedding nature. Personality-wise, poodles are regal but loving and incredibly loyal pets. Poodle coat colour can have almost endless variation. Toy poodles are typically 25cm and 4kg. Miniature poodles are slightly bigger, standing at up to 38cm tall and weighing up to 8kgs.



Poodles are loyal and incredibly clever. They can be wary of strangers but often warm up quickly. Regardless, they love to be out and about and can generally keep up. They’re athletic dogs but more than anything they value human attention. Due to their switched-on nature, they’re in their element when involved in all aspects of life, from walks to movie night. Because they’re intelligent and eager-to-please they’re very responsive to training but as long as they’re a recognized and appreciated member of the family they’ll be happy.


Poodles make great pets for most households. Due to their somewhat wary nature, they can struggle to relax in homes with very young or boisterous children.


Poodles have a tightly curled coat that barely sheds. Due to the tight curls, any hair that does fall out is generally caught in the mass of fluff. They also come in an almost endless range of colours. We use the poodles in the Spoodle and Cavoodle crosses due to it’s low-shedding nature.


Poodles come in three different heights.

Toy Poodles are a small size dog, they stand at approximately 24 – 28cm in height at their shoulder and weigh 4.5kg as adults.

Miniature Poodles are a bit bigger. They stand at 28 to 38cm and weigh 12 to 14kgs.

Standard poodles are bigger again. They’re 61-83 cm tall and they weigh 20-32 kg.

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