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A Spoodle is a delightful crossbreed between a cocker spaniel and a toy or miniature poodle.

 The cocker spaniel is an affectionate, intelligent and loyal breed, originally established in the UK. They make a clever and happy-go-lucky addition to their households. They’re considered to be a medium-size dog; standing at an average 38cm and weighing around 13kgs. Coat colour in a cocker spaniel can range from black to gold with other variations of roan and chocolate.

The Spoodle is a remarkably intelligent and curly-coated, originally established in Germany for water retrieval. Their curly coat grows long and shaggy when unkempt because of its very low-shedding nature. Personality-wise, poodles are regal but loving and incredibly loyal pets. Poodle coat colour can have almost endless variation. Toy poodles are typically 25cm and 4kg. Miniature poodles are slightly bigger, standing at up to 38cm tall and weighing up to 8kgs.



Spoodles make great pets family pets because they’re loyal companions. Like with any dog, they need regular walking and attention. They’re moderate-high energy dogs and won’t be happy in an environment where they can’t expel this, however they can still suit a small living space provided that they’re exercised. As very friendly and outgoing puppies they’re typically quite willing to accept and get to know other dogs, people and pets.


Spoodles are typically considered as being outgoing, devoted, and engaging members of their home. Due to their switched-on nature, they’re in their element when involved in all aspects of family life, from walks to movie night. Because they’re intelligent and eager-to-please they’re very responsive to training but as long as they’re a recognised and appreciated member of the family they’ll be happy.  



Coat colours of the Spoodle can vary, we’ve had litters that are golden, chocolate or black, with accents of white on any of these coats. Their coat colour cannot be expected to remain constant throughout their lifetime, as with people it often fades over their life. Because of the low-shedding nature of the poodle coat, Spoodles are typically very-low shedding. Especially in comparison to other straight coated breeds. The curl of their coat varies depending on the pup, with some dogs having a much curlier coat than others. Due to their low-shedding coat, they need regular grooming to keep this in check.



The size and weight of a Spoodle change depending on the size of the poodle parent. Spoodles with a miniature poodle father are the bigger of the two, usually standing approximately 35 – 45cm in height at the shoulder and weighing 10 - 14kg as adults.

Toy Spoodles, that have a toy poodle parent, stands at approximately 30cm to 40cm in height at the shoulder and weigh 5-10kg as adults.

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