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Having had our own Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, we've always had a soft spot for this breed.  They are fantastic with young children, being very gentle and non-dominant.  

The main downside of the breed, aside from genetic issues, is the fact that they shed hair.  This often means that you'll find hair dropped on the floor, furniture, clothes and basically everywhere! Let alone the fact that many people these days suffer from allergies.  

In the 1990's Cavalier cross Poodles were becoming more common.  This cross became so popular that they decided to put a name to it - the "Cavoodle".  Since then the name has spread and many people now enjoy the advantages of having the nature of the cavalier, with the intelligence of the poodle and generally low to no shed coat.  

For those that prefer a slightly more sturdier, medium-size dog, still with the attraction of a low to no shed coat, the Spoodles are just the next step up.  The Spoodles do require more structure to their training as they are intelligent and we therefor recommend them for those with older children and Cavoodles for those with very young children.

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