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DNA Testing

Our main goal is to breed healthy pups with the qualities of the parents so highly sought after, but minus the genetic issues that can be passed on by purebred lines. Pure Bred dogs are more likely to pass on genetic inherited conditions. And although by doing the cross we are significantly reducing this chance, we also like to ensure that we are breeding from healthy parents without these issues. We strive to protect the genetic problems that can be passed on through dog breeds, by DNA testing all our dogs. It is very important that breeders understand how dogs who maybe carriers, or positive to genetic diseases are correctly matched to dogs who are a suitable pairing. Many pure breed dogs have been bred for appearance, rather than their health, and this has taken a toll on the popularity of these breeds. By selectively cross breeding first generation dogs, genetic and inherited problems are significantly reduced.

First Generation

Our breeding parents are all purebred, which ensures a first-generation cross. We are not endeavoring to develop a “new breed” of dog. The names like “Cavoodle” came about because it was shorter than saying “Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross with a Poodle”. All ‘pure’ bred dogs came about from cross breeds way back when. The way in which the purebred dog was developed and ‘fine-tuned’ was to continue breeding into the same lines to get the particular look and temperament that dog associations were wanting. After years of doing so, it means there is a limited gene pool and so it is more common for pure breed dogs to continue to inherit and pass on genetic disorders.
By crossing one current-day purebred dog with another, you have the benefit of hybrid vigour. This means the chance of having puppies with the common genetic diseases in their pure breed mix is significantly reduced. Again, our aim is not to create another ‘breed’ of dog. And in fact, by law, our domestic animal license requires us to have our clients sign a form stating that they will have their puppy desexed by the time it is 6 months of age. Aside from this though, as our aim is to breed the healthiest pups with the advantages of both purebred parents, minus the potential health issues. Breeding only First Generation is the best way to achieve this.
We have been breeding dogs for over 15 years and many people comment that our pups have a particular ‘look’ about them which is highly sought after. This comes from careful selection and consideration of parent dogs. We have good knowledge and experience to predict what combinations will result in a particular ‘look’.
We do not 100% guarantee a low or no shed coat in our Spoodles or Cavoodles as when you are crossing a purebred dog that sheds a lot, with one that barely does, there can be no guarantee. We can, however, provide you with a good indication from our years of expertise and feedback from customers as to how their pups adult coat resulted. In some instances, we may have a flat coat “oodle”, where the puppy has taken more after either the Cavalier or Cocker Spaniel. This may mean the pup will shed more hair, but it may also mean less need for regular clipping – which may appeal to some people more than the risk of a shedding pup. It is important to note that there is no such thing as a “non-shed” coat, as even breeds like Poodles will still shed some of their coat, just not as much and it will generally get caught up in their curls rather than fall on the ground (or on your clothes!).
The temperament of a pup is already looked after during the selection and raising period of our adult dogs. All of our adults are well socialised as puppies to ensure their wonderful natures.

Stud Services

We take great pride in the health and well-being of our breeding parents, the quality of our puppies that are produced from these parents is well known.

We are offering stud services for $1000

If you are interested please provide your best contact details and email your interest to

We will supply an application form and information on the procedure.